Port of Vancouver, WA

Located on the north side of the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington, the Port of Vancouver USA is one of the largest ports on the Columbia/Snake River system. eTrac has performed annual conditions surveys utilizing multibeam sonar as well as providing dredging support. Multibeam bathymetry data is used to produce high precision navigational charting products for the Port as well as the Columbia River Pilots. These navigational charts assist the pilots in safely navigating in and out of the Port of Vancouver while tracking known obstructions in the area. eTrac produces an interactive geospatial database for the port to host data products such as depth, high resolution imagery, dredge boundaries and features/obstructions in an online environment.

A custom web-based geodatabase was a part of the delivered products. The geodatabase included layers such as the survey boundaries and the annual bathymetric data colored by depth and dredge-depth specifications. It also includes labels and boundaries for the Port of Vancouver facilities and dock as well as live AIS Vessel Tracking.

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