TideTrac is our alternative to real time wireless electronic water level monitoring. Implementing a ruggedized LCD touchscreen, TideTrac provides an intuitive system which is able to withstand the harsh abuses of the Dredge and Hydrographic Survey industry.


TiltTrac is a waterproof, ruggedized inclinometer system designed to perform in the harshest terraneous and marine environments. Integrated with Hypack’s Dredgepack software, this system has been proven on Excavator Positioning applications, Hydraulic cutter-head and hopper dredge positioning, as well as real-time Pitch/Roll motion platform sensing.

Reseller Products

eTrac is proud to resell HYPACK®, DREDGEPACK®, R2 Sonic, and more. With proven records in the industry, eTrac has integrated and worked with all the equipment we resell and can offer sales and support, including onsite installation, remote support and training for Hydrographic Survey and Dredge / Vessel Positioning systems.

Marine GIS Products

A custom geodatabase can be designed and created in an ARCGIS and web-based format to house various information collected during data acquisition, post-processing, and in-depth analysis. Tracked feature interaction can be customized to client needs. The geodatabase is also customizable to track historical data, monitor current data, foresee future trends, and proactively address incidents as they arise.