BEAMS in the Bay

eTrac hosted 8 students from the College of Charleston’s BEAMS (BEnthic Acoustic Mapping and Survey) Program to conduct a survey of Raccoon Strait in the San Francisco Bay. The students were able to learn and assist in the survey set up and acquisition, gaining valuable hands-on experience. Students in the BEAMS program will be able to process and analyze the collected data during future research and independent study projects.

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Multibeam hydrographic surveys have been conducted around a pier of the San Francisco Bay Bridge in preparation for further bridge deconstruction. Multibeam data was acquired using an R2Sonic 2024 coupled with an Applanix POSMV Wavemaster V5 Position and Motion System. Multibeam imagery was used to view possible obstructions in the area. 3D image of the bathymetric terrain and base of a pier of the San Francisco Bay Bridge was processed and visualized using QPS Qloud. 3D anaglyph images were created using custom R2Sonic 3D visualization software.