Grubb Lease Decommissioning, CA

In 2019, eTrac conducted pre-decommissioning surveys for the Grubb Lease Decommissioning Project near Ventura, California. The objective of the pre-survey was to create a bathymetric grid of seabed, position and create a pipeline alignment where pipe exposed, located debris and objects on the seabed, determine the extends of rock outcroppings, and determine the extents of marine vegetation; all derived from the multibeam data. The post-survey focused on object detection of any man-made features or geological artifacts created or left from the decommissioning. A comparison of rock outcroppings and marine vegetation was created as well as a new bathymetric grid was derived from the post multibeam data. Obstructions non-related to the decommissioning were noted as well for the safety of marine traffic and any marine construction in the area.

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