MARAD Mothball Fleet

eTrac was contracted by the U.S Department of Transportation (USDOT) Maritime Administration (MARAD) to conduct a full coverage ultra high resolution and ultra high density multibeam survey and targeted magnetometer survey in the General Anchorage #26, Suisun Bay, Benicia, California. The roughly 1,650-acre survey footprint is centered around the Mothball Fleet located in north-central Suisun Bay offshore of the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area and Benicia, CA. The multibeam data resolution was such that objects and features including anchors, wrecks and anchor chains were able to be determined and located. Sediment features including sandwaves, striations and mounds were observed. Magnetometer data was acquired around all moored vessels in order to position each anchor as well as across all client designated areas. The system detected anchors, anchor cables and other buried and exposed ferrous objects. Final soundings and objects were used to produce navigation charts of the area.

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