eTrac surveyors have traveled twice to the remote Aleutian Island of Akutan, AK to complete a full USACE IDIQ survey of the small boat harbor that had been constructed. Traveling to and from Akutan involved travailing by 2 planes, one helicopter, the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry, and finally the local survey vessel, a 24′ Hewes Craft that made the journey across the Bering Sea between islands. As is typical with the Alaska PCS surveys, the team combined a full-coverage multibeam survey with horizontal and vertical control survey via static GNSS and differential leveling, RTK topographic survey, and mobile terrestrial 3D laser scanning. eTrac regularly works in remote areas by shipping a ready to go survey equipment kit, the Universal Sonar Mount Expeditionary kit and Vessel of Opportunity kit, to a local vessel that is captained by the owner of the boat or our own operators. eTrac has used a myriad of different local vessels in remote Alaskan villages including landing crafts, fishing boats, personal boats, and inflatable crafts. Akutan, AK is a prime example of our use of our Vessel of Opportunity kits eTrac travels with to remote locations to utilize local vessels for the duration of the survey.

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