Tyonek Anchor Spread Positioning, AK

Located in Cook Inlet, Alaska, there is a large system of pipelines connecting multiple oil and gas platforms over a 50-mile stretch. Each year, the pipelines are mapped and clients send crews out to complete maintenance on the pipelines based on the results of the mapping surveys. The dive operations are conducted off of a vessel with a four-point anchor spread. Prior to repair, eTrac had completed high-resolution multibeam surveys to help determine where the anchors would be placed. Survey data was used to plan the drop locations of the anchors in areas free of obstructions and infrastructure, while still being convenient for vessel placement over the pipelines. DGPS tracking and positioning was installed on the dive vessel so it could move within the anchor spread and general position over the pipeline. Positioning was also installed on the tug so they could safely and accurately place the anchors in the predefined locations.

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