Dredge Support Redwood City, CA

Located in the south San Francisco Bay is the Port of Redwood City where the federal shipping channel is maintained by the USACE. Maintenance dredging occurs almost annually and eTrac surveyors have assisted dredging operations there since 2010 by providing conditional surveys for large dredging companies such as The Dutra Group, Manson Construction, RE Staite, and Vortex. eTrac surveyors have set up a semi-permanent RTK base station that broadcasts position corrections via radio telemetry and NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) . The survey vessel is equipped with a high-resolution multibeam sonar and has a full processing software suite onboard to decrease data delivery time. An efficient workflow of data collection, processing and quality control and review is completed prior to delivery in an efficient manner onsite. This has allowed eTrac to expeditiously deliver high resolution XYZ files to the clients to minimize dredge downtime.

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