Marine GIS Service

Marine GIS

Custom marine GIS websites are created to provide an accessible platform of our provided services specific to the client. All included surveys and features can be toggled on and off in a layer menu option. During survey operations, these websites are updated daily with bathymetric and sidescan coverage so the client can track our progress throughout the survey area. Upon completion of the data collection, client specified features such as marine utility alignment, spans, inflections, objects, wrecks, geological features, difference surfaces, and more are incorporated into the site. Features’ locations are marked with a point or a polygon based on the feature’s shape. Each feature can be clicked on and a pop-up window will appear with additional details and point cloud imagery. ROV locations with working video links as well as current and archived vessel traffic near the survey area can also be included. If the survey is reoccurring, difference surfaces and areas with significant sediment movement can be provided in the layer menu option.