B Street Pier San Diego, CA

eTrac was contracted to conduct a hydrographic and mobile laser scanning inspection survey of B Street pier in San Diego, CA. Initially, the tide and the range did not allow for sufficient overlapping data between Multibeam and Laser scanning efforts. To mitigate this challenge, the vessel was remobilization with a 25° tilt adapter to increase the angle of the sonar to allow for the additional data coverage needed under the pier. Detailed information on the seabed depths were recorded with full coverage multibeam and 3D terrestrial laser scanning. Laser data was collected to the top of the B Street Terminal Building. The objectives of the survey were to establish local control in relation to MLLW, perform a low tide mobile laser scan survey using the Riegl VZ-400 terrestrial laser scanner and perform a high tide multibeam hydrographic survey. Overlapping data was used to confirm the quality of each dataset, which were post-processed to combine for a seamless survey.

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