Cook Inlet Pipelines, AK

Each year, pipelines located in the upper Cook Inlet are surveyed to track and report movement of sediment and change in condition due to large 30ft tidal swings. High resolution multibeam is collected in frequencies ranging from 400kHz-700kHz to image the pipelines as well as detect features in this challenging environment. eTrac, Inc. has performed pipeline inspection hydrographic survey services on multiple pipelines located within the Cook Inlet since 2003. Services include hydrographic and geophysical survey using high-resolution multibeam, SideScan, magnetometer and Subbottom sensors. Feature extraction and analysis of data includes spans, inflections, curves, crossings, and connections as well as natural seafloor features such as scours for population of a GIS database. eTrac has been the primary provider of this service for the recent past due to employing increasing levels of technology and due to the responsive nature and cost effectiveness of the efforts.

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