Middle Loche Mothball Fleet Oahu, HI

Located on Oahu, Middle Loche is a place where some of the world’s oldest and history rich battleships go to rest, this is called The Mothball Fleet. The decommissioned aircraft carriers and cutters have a large draft and need clearance to get into this area outside of the gates of Pearl Harbor. This area is regularly dredged to accommodate the large vessels that are anchored here. This project is a typical dredge survey where multibeam data was collected at 200kHz with a multibeam sonar aboard a small vessel. Due to the remote location of Hawaii, a local vessel was used to collect data. eTrac has a “vessel of opportunity” kit that contains all parts to mobilize a local vessel for survey operations. The VOOP kit was flown to Honolulu and a vessel was ready for survey within hours. eTrac delivered full volumes of the area calculated in Auto CAD Civil 3D for the client. A high resolution grid and XYZs were delivered as well for the client to plan operations around potential features that would hinder dredge operations and plan accordingly.

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